International Arts Residency Program

Dori Deng

September 8 - September 17 , 2019

Points Center for Contemporary Art coordinated with young artist Dori Deng for a 10-day short-term stay from September 8th to September 17th. During her stay in Points, Dori Deng started the architectural study in the Jinxi ancient town and exchanged ideas with artists who lived in the same period to create more cultural collissions. At the same time, Points held an artist sharing to present her past works.

[About The Artist]

Dori Deng, born in Guangzhou, China in 1985, graduated from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, in 2009. She currently lives and works in London, England.
She has held a series of exhibitions, such as Termination Series (London, UK), Visualising The Journey of Light (Florence, Italy),  Extended-mind (Berlin, Germany); and she has participated in group exhibitions, such as Long Live the New Flesh (ICA, London, UK) and Recreational Ground IV (London, UK).
Dori 's creation is based on site-specific art, take light projection as the main medium, using light reflection and refraction, calculating a specific angle and time, combining various elements such as architectural, human body, and sound, experimentally presenting the creation. The challenging ancient architecture is one of the key points of the artist's choice of the site. According to the original structure of the space, lead in the ray of light, the fusion of abstraction and reality, brings out the softness and resilience of the work.

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