Points x Asialink | Victoria — Jiangsu Sister-State Artist Exchange

Dane Lovett

September 2 - October 15 , 2019

Points Center for Contemporary Art is honored to be recommended by the Australian art institution—Asialink Arts, as the designated residency institution of the "Victoria — Jiangsu Sister-State Artist Exchange " program in 2019. Australian artist Dane Lovett is selected to take the residency at Points. This exchange program is hosted by the Nanjing University of the Arts.

[About The Artist]

Dane Lovett was born in Sydney, Australia in 1984 and currently lives and works in Melbourne. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, 2004; Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours (1st Class), Victorian College of Art, University of Melbourne, 2007; Masters of Fine Arts, Victorian College of Art, University of Melbourne, 2016.

Solo exhibition “Same Scene Different Season”, Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney; “Slow Rise / Burning Up”, Bus Projects, Melbourne, 2019; “Dog Show”, STATION, Melbourne, 2018.

Group exhibition “Still Life part I”, Irene Rose, Melbourne, 2018; “Works on Paper”, BEERS, London, 2017; “The Fisher’s Ghost Art Award”, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Campbelltown, finalist, 2016. He has won the 2010 Royal Bank of Scotland Emerging Artist Award and the 2005 Qantas SOYA Art Prize.

Dane Lovett's creation is based on easel painting, and the background of the work cites several art history classics. Part of the inspiration is based on the 18th-century French painter Henri Fantin-Latour (1836-1904), thus developed the still life and portrait practice full of his personal characteristics.

In the "Foxglove" series, Dane uses the "repetition" method to present the sense of form in the work. Based on the monotones of different colors, Dane replicates the paintings of foxglove.

In the concept of abstraction and figuration, changes between visual color lump from far view and the close-up detail create a balance between static and dynamic. The contemporary of Dane's works is paralleled with the timeline following the historical trajectory. Beyond the stylized representation is the fullness of knowledge research.

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