Points x V2 | Summer Sessions International Art Residency

Minke Nouwens

September 1 - October 17 , 2019

Points Center for Contemporary Art was honored to be one of the partner organizations of V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media. Collaborate in holding an artist exchange residency program “Summer Sessions.” The selected artists were Minke Nouwens (Dutch) and Evelina Rajca (German). Two artists will resident at Points in September and October.

During Minke Nouwens’ stay from September 1st to October 17th, she will experience life in Jinxi and begin cultural exchanges and her process of artistic creation. Points will support the artist and host a showcase of her creative efforts. During this time, Points will also present via our social media accounts an interview with the artist and records of her activities.

[Points International Residency Exhibition III] —— Minke Nouwens "A Ghostly Life"

"A Ghostly Life" | Paper | Each 30 x 53 cm

"Wish" | Glass, Mirror | 30 x 19 x 22 cm

"If" | Glass, Plastic | 54 x 45 x 29 cm

"Hello, World!" | LED lights | Dimensions Variable

[About The Artist]

Minke Nouwens, Dutch anthropologist, curator, researcher. Bachelor of Science In Cultural Anthropology, Research Master of Science In Ethnography, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Master of Visual Arts, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Den Bosch, The Netherlands. She was a researcher at the New Zealand Research Center at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, and currently studies poetry at Stanford University, California.

Minke specializes in interdisciplinary integration. Her research covers many aspects: anthropology, language and visual images. Artists describe herself as a " speculative fiction writer,", "text and book artists" or " object-oriented anthropologist." Her thinking is based on human-centered strategy, exploring the cultural context of human development.

“Words Do Things.”Minke dedicates herself to words and text as an individual art form. Using the enormous plasticity of the text and the introduction of rich research, combined with sound, image, color, and meditation, it transforms between the visual and logic. Language materializes worlds. It makes realities. The artist has also participated in many public art projects, expanding the practice of anthropological knowledge and integrating art into the daily lives of the people.

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