International Arts Residency Program

Yi Lian

May 6 - June 30 , 2019

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Points Center for Contemporary Art was honored to welcome artist Yi Lian on May 6th to begin his short-term residency of 65 days.

During Yi Lian’s stay from May 6th to June 30th, Points will host the occasional opening of the artist’s studio for art salons and workshops. At the end of his stay, the artist will present the results of his residency in the form of an exhibition, which we will welcome all interested audiences to view. The artist’s interviews and activities will be presented here in our media accounts.

Yi Lian’s creation focuses on video art, rife with a sense of theatricality in his work: let it be the artificial lighting, scenes under the grim overcast, temporary encounter, affords him the freedom to disconnect from reality, so he could make space for imagination.

As a “realistic dreamer”, Yi Lian’s early works focus on how to emancipate the body from the “person”, and the ways in which to undermine conventional relationships between the self and the others. Among his works, the alienated body becomes reborn in nature, and animals are given the same status as human beings. A sensibility for warmth and light is prevalent and recurrent in Yi Lian’s works, whether bright or dim, close or far, cool or warm, these atmospheres have engendered intimacy that implies for the subtlety in relationships between people, people and objects, and people to the world.

[About the artist]
Born in 1987 in Yichun, Jiangxi, Graduated from the New Media ArtDepartment of China Academy of Art in 2009 with a B.A, obtained M.A from theSchool of Intermedia Art of China Academy of Art in 2012, Currently lives andworks in Hangzhou. Group exhibitions include:“proregress”- 12th ShanghaiBiennale, PSA, Shanghai(2018). The 62nd International Short Film FestivalOberhausen, Germany(2016); “CHINA8 -- Contemporary art form China on the Rhineand Ruhr”, Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, Germany(2015); “The Civil Power” –Beijing Minsheng Art Museum Opening Exhibition, Beijing(2015); Chinese VideoArt In MADATAC 06, Spain, Madrid(2014); Photo Shanghai, The Exhibition Centerof Shanghai, Shanghai(2014); AVIFF(Cannes International art Film Festival),Cannes, France(2014); “Reformation”, White Rabbit Collection Exhibition, WhiteRabbit Art Museum, Sydney, Australia(2014); The 9th-11th CIFF(China IndependentFilm Festival), China(2012-2014); His works are collected by the AustralianWhite Rabbit Art Museum and the Blue Mountain Contemporary Art Foundation.

"Cinema Paradiso"

Video installation
Color, Sound
23'18" HD
CRT projector, DVD, Audio transmitter, Iron arms, Sand

"Cinema Paradiso" originates from the story of a friend of the artist whose family ran a video parlor in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province for more than a decade. From the 1980s to the 1990s, such video parlors were very popular in many small and medium-sized cities in China. However, with the development of technology and economy, large cinemas were set up and small video parlors gradually disappeared. Yi Lian revisits the family who used to run the video parlor, connecting their family memories with the progressing of the times with a preserved Italian- made three-gun projector as part of a giant crab-shaped installation, projecting images related to the story of the projector per se.

"Light Leak"
Machine typing and hand drawing with acid free pen on giclee print

In this series of works, The artist asked his friend Baozhu to try to enter the home of different farmers, gain their trust and agree to take a photo with her on the roof, while the photographer taking a picture of the science on a higher place. The silver outlining of the houses transform the village in the dark into a two dimensional backdrop. The subtitles are the dialogues between she and the house owners during the making of the picture. All printed transcription is the recollection after the shooting, thus changing with time. Different edition will have different contents because of the time effect.

"Undercurrent 2016"
Single Channel Video, Color and Black&White, Sound
11'02" HD

In 2012, Yi Lian made a video work entitled Undercurrent 2012 of his little nephew who was having somnambulism. After five years, the little boy has grown from a 5-year-old to a 10-year-old, and he still bears with slight somnambulism. The artist was thinking, with his real world constantly changing, would there be any unknown stories that happened secretly in his sleepwalk world? That is where Undercurrent 2016 came from. One could say this is a video where dreams and reality develop together. In the video work, the boy who is now older walks along a river, and he comes across many characters that are walking in haste, including those from my 2013 work The Waking of Insects and himself from the work Undercurrent 2012, as well as another little boy, running. It is like a parallel space, where everything acts in its own way, and does not bother each other.

"Four-dimensional Paper-Rain#1"
Animation installation
Animation, Black and White, Sound
Paper, Ink, Bamboo curtain

This animation installation is completed with the collaboration of local paper workshops in Yunnan. In the course of producing hand-made paper, every time the worker scoops up a layer of paper pulp with the bamboo screen, the artist would draw on that frame, and the day’s work would compile into an improvised animation. While the layers of paper pulp are dried and compressed into a thick sheet of paper. Not only this sheet of paper occupies three-dimensional space, but also encapsulates the time of an animation, for which it’s called “four-dimensional paper”.

"Invisible landscape"
Hand drawing with acid free pen on giclee print

This group of photographs was taken on the China-Myanmar border. The exotic landscape seen through the grid is cut into many small squares. In the area of the building, the artist uses a silver pen to outline the shape of the grid.

Pictures and writings courtesy of the artist and bonacon gallery

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