International Arts Residency Program

Cao Kai

April 15 - May 12 , 2019

Points Center for Contemporary Art is honored to welcome artist Cao Kai for a 28-day short-term residency.

From April 15th to May 12th, Cao Kai will live and create at Points, completing the Returning Home independent art project, as with the original intention of Tao Yuanming's poetry — using text and image to mutually demonstrate in a contemporary context — the artist will employ letters, drawings, videos and other media, coming to over-consume agricultural era heritage and experience a month-long life of seclusion in the ancient town of Jinxi.

During the residency process, Cao Kai will deliver two open lectures relating to his experience as a professional media art worker, one lecture describing the history contained within film and animation. At the same time, he will also interview Cao Kai about the specific content of this independent art project. The creative process will be presented in posts on the WeChat public account.

Cao Kai's creation is based on a large amount of historical background knowledge. He writes the souls of the past and the present worlds. His works combine historical metaphors and nakedly reflect the social phenomena of different eras and corners.

2016, working in his studio in Nanjing

Cao Kai, a researcher and practitioner of media art and film, lives and works in Nanjing, China.

He graduated from Nanjing Art College in his early years and worked in TV media organizations for many years. After 2000, he worked as an independent artist in media art and film. His work methods include creation, education, critical writing, curatorial research, etc. Specific work directions include experimental films, documentaries, video art, and new media art.

As a contemporary artist and experimental filmmaker, he has been involved in the field of contemporary art since 1994. He has participated in many contemporary art exhibitions at home and abroad, including experimental film, video art, and conceptual photography. Since 2010, he has also served as supervisor or producer of several independent films.

As a curator, he is the main founder and organizer of CIFF, China's most influential independent film festival; he has served as a curator, academic host, and judge for numerous art projects; he has also worked in various countries and regions throughout East Asia, North America, and Western European, among others, where he planning a number of exhibitions related to Chinese independent film and experimental media art. Relevant texts are published in various academic journals and forums at home and abroad.

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