Yui Inoue

International Arts Residency Program

November 1 - November 30 , 2018

Whitescaper 2017
Nami no manimani
Look at the sea
Into the rain

Japanese artist Yui Inoue, born in Aichi in 1983, creates large-scale textile installations based on woven techniques. Her works have been exhibited many times in festivals across Japan. Her public artwork is rich in interactivity and subtly blends environmental space with local humanities. Yui Inoue's distinctive personal language has earned her the favour of PCCA and S-AIR. Through this residency project, the artist will combine her traditional style with modern style to fully construct her own personal, unique style, constructing specific field creation in Jinxi.

Yui Inoue, as a female artist, her female consciousness is evident in the medium of material she chooses and in the way she weaves. The artist's understanding of the media and the choice itself is a measure of cultural cognition. Yui Inoue's work shows the sensitivity and tenacity of a female artist. The work itself is the space, from the "natural environment" to the "cultural space” - her work scene is also a dialogue relationship with the cultural scene.

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