Yui Inoue

International Arts Residency Program

November 1 - November 30 , 2018

"Here and There"
"Here and There"
"Here and There"
"Here and There"

“Here and There” 

In this small town surrounded by waters, the image of “scenery reflected in the water” is deeply attractive to me. It is integrated into the daily scenes around the lake and rivers, interlaced in real landscape and reflecting each other. It makes me imagine the existence of the other world.

For a long time, Chen’s Tomb, formerly known as the name of this land, the history background also makes me imagine the same thing. The mound facing the lakeside is built to mourn Consort Chen, who crossed from this world to that one, and in the distance between the burial mound and the lakeside seems to reappear the boundary between this world and that world. I heard that the source of “liushu” (willow) is a symbol that “distinguishes the boundary between this world and another world.” The willow growing on the lakeside is called a “weeping willow” in English. Weeping has the meaning of tears and sighs. The weeping willows here are like the sighs of the people who mourn Consort Chen’s departure.

At the same time,  the bridges that are such a part of the town's scenery are also a connection between “Here/this side)” and “There/that side.” The bridge across the water and the bridges on the water surface are closely connected, showing a beautiful circular contour, just like ancient Chinese custom: when a close person leaves, people who are staying form their hands in and give a circle that is bent with a willow branch.

The concept of the work links the image of “Here/ this side/ this world” and “There/ that side/ another world” in Jinxi, so the willow trees that can overlook “the other shore” are rushing out, and tearful sighs are floating as rivers. The waterway is weaved by the willow branches, bridges are built over the rivers, and the reflected bridge is the “willow branch ring” that carries the feeling of miss someone who is not here.

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