Masanori Matsuda

International Arts Residency Program

October 2 - November 30 , 2018

"Water Road to Chen"
"The Plough & The Eight Fairies"
"The Plough & The Eight Fairies"
"From The Polaris"
Masanori Matsuda

"Tao & Empress Chen"

For the last 800 years, Jinxi has been called “Chen’s Tomb.” Empress Chen who died tragically was buried in the lake in front of PCCA. A temple and tomb for Empress Chen was built in this place — which has the best position in favor of fengshui – as an important figure who was closely connected to the emperor.

I feel the soul of Empress Chen sways by and drifts through rivers and lakes that spread into this water village. I somehow believe that she inherited the role as the water dragon of this land thanks to the favorable fengshui location.

I considered the image of Empress Chen might be closely related to Taoism. The concept of creation combined the sense of flow from natural energy and comprehend the image of Empress Chen from various Chinese theories of life: I-Ching, the Eight Immortals, Midheaven/Land of the Immortals (壷中天)、Thirty-six Grottoes (三十六洞庭), etc.

In this very work, I use some ashes and broken tiles of the temple built for Empress Chen, and the sprit of a woman singing on a ship as two major elements. I wish to encounter Empress Chen through drifting in various forms , and leaving traces of her existence in our mind.

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