Points Center for Contemporary Art predominantly uses an invitation system but also provides applications, though we do not regularly screen applicants. Every year, the center will invite outstanding global artists who are interested to come and create in the residency program in Jinxi, so the number of spots open for applications is limited, but we welcome interested outstanding artists to apply online.

Residency Application Form

If you are interested in applying, the deadline for application is three months before the intended start of residency.

The funds allotted to each resident artist depend on each artist’s specific circumstances. We encourage artists to apply independently to various subsidy projects online, and those funds can be used to pay residency expenses. In some cases, we may sign a support agreement with investors to help artists stay. Artists can also choose to shoulder the basic costs of their stay. For a list of international residency funding options, please visit ResArtis or related organizations’ websites regarding funding and application opportunities.

We welcome new media art, performing arts, writing, film making, installation art, visual art, and other fields to reside at Points. If you have questions regarding whether your desired form of art can be supported with us, please contact us directly.