Points Center for Contemporary Art, founded in 2017, is devoted to the creation, recording, and promotion of contemporary art and culture. Main projects include the artists’ residencies, the construction of an archival database, exhibitions, and public education activities. Among these, our artist residency program is one of the highest quality residencies in China. The center advocates "life within art,” supporting the life and creation of global artists in this center and forming a connection with local culture. We espouse contemporary artistic vision and explosive creative power in order to stimulate globalized contemporary creation. Points devotes itself to providing high-quality conditions for art creators, and to create an environment and platform for the public to interact with contemporary art.

Our History

Points Center for Contemporary Art is located in the ancient town of Jinxi, which has a history of more than two thousand years. It is only an hour from the center of Shanghai, well-located with a strong cultural atmosphere. Jinxi is densely populated with ancient bridges, canals, and an architectural character unchanged for hundreds of years. It has a profound background in Wu culture and is also influenced by the radiant artistic atmosphere of Shanghai, which provides ample cultural support for art residencies. The contemporary nature of the art center penetrates from the architecture to its continuous activities and exhibitions, thus intervening in and deepening the local culture and putting forward the operational concept of "life within art.” We seek to develop international artistic exchange on the basis of this ancient town’s ecology.

PCCA constantly strives to foster and support the most captivating and diversified artists to build bridges for like-minded colleagues. Through the two key projects of international residency and archival projects, the center provides a firm ground for contemporary art to connect to local culture in order to acquire renewed cultural direction.

Our international residency project is centered in a series of spaces totaling approximately 2000 square meters (21,500 square feet) and will continue to invite both renowned and groundbreaking international artists to create in the field for one to three months and hold related exhibitions and activities. In addition, this project will invite researchers from other related disciplines to explore and stimulate intercultural and interdisciplinary research and creation.

Points Center for Contemporary Art will, at the same time, set up archival projects; based on the activities and exhibitions in our spaces, that data will be combed through and systematically archived, which will serve thinkers and practitioners engaged in the interrelated fields of arts and the humanities worldwide. In cooperation with other established publishing platforms, our exploration into interdisciplinary fields of innovation is strengthened. Our goal is to spread cultural and artistic spirit through each of our numerous activities and projects.